Preparative chromatography, Flow production. YMC Engineering CO., LTD.


A product lineup that seamlessly corresponds between R&D in laboratories and pilot schemes

YMC Engineering precision equipment for physical & chemical science business promotes development, manufacturing and maintenance of preparative chromatography devices in laboratories, pilot scale and peripheral devices (detectors, pumps, empty columns, etc.). The preparative chromatography devices developed and manufactured by YMC Engineering enable seamless operation from laboratories to pilot scale, and with the support of peripheral devices, maximum performance is attained.

Developing and manufacturing products to meet the enhanced requirements of biomolecular separation

The separation and refinement process of biomolecules such as proteins, peptides, or DNA is essential for manufacturing biotechnology-based pharmaceuticals. YMC Engineering develops and manufactures products which meet the enhanced requirements of biomolecular separation. Our products mainly based on BioStream and YMC Pilot columns, allow a high-level of sanitation and purification, and are highly valued by bio-technology related companies.


Precision Equipment Business for Physical & Chemical Science

Dynamic axial compression columns for laboratory and pilot scale chromatography

Laboratory and pilot scale chromatography systems

Semi-preparative columns

SMB chromatography system

Bioprocess chromatography systems

Bioprocess chromatography columns

Multiple preparative HPLC system

Optical detectors and HPLC pumps

Measuring devices