Preparative chromatography, Flow production. YMC Engineering CO., LTD.


Realizing the consistent support from development to manufacturing, adjustment, and installation with advanced technology and procurement capability

Since establishment in1982, one of our main services has been custom manufacturing of precision systems such as semi-conductor fabrication equipment. With our accumulated technology and quality control methods, we are able to consistently produce high-grade equipment. Furthermore, reduction of procurement cost is possible with accumulation of the supplier network. The consistent support system from manufacturing to adjustment and installation responds to the needs of various outsourcing.

Facilities to produce proven quality and ongoing on-site capabilities

Our CLASS 1,000 clean room (1,135 m2) is able to meet the wide ranging needs of production. When high-grade washing, for flexible response we have devised and manufactured an ultrapure water system, a system for producing dilute hydrochloric acid, and piping to the washing tank from the pH neutralization system, and also the washing tank. Being conscious of the efficiency of our daily operations, we are continually taking improvement action to enhance quality.

Assembly work in a clean room
Ultrapure water system
Inspection work in the clean room

Facilities responding to high-level quality requirements

Our facilities are equipped with automatic orbital welding systems to reduce the incidence of cratering, by combining rapid internal welding and TIG welding. A helium leak detector which can quickly detect small leaks, and a laser marking machine which is suitable for numerous designs and allows microfabrication. We are also focusing on the current manufacturing technology trend to make improvements in our technical capabilities.

Helium leak detector
the automatic orbital welding system

Principal facilities

Clean room (CLASS 1,000 or its equivalent): 1,135 m2

Washing room: 75 m2

Washing tank: 100 cm x 100 cm x 40cm (Available within: 80 cm x 80 cm x 35 cm)

Ultrapure water system: manufactured by Nomura Micro Science

Cleaning liquid supply system: manufactured by IWAKI

pH neutralization system: manufactured by IWAKI

Automatic orbital welding system: x 4 pcs manufactured by Swagelok

Laser marker: manufactured by Panasonic Industrial Devices SUNX

Helium leak detector: manufactured by ULVAC

Laser marker, Automatic orbital welded
Automatic orbital welded, Conventionally welded joint

Scale-free surfaces of welded joints made
by the automatic orbital welding system.

Conventionally welded joint, with scale